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Pre-MOT Inspection and Repair

With the introduction of stricter MOT rules in May of 2018, motorists are already facing problems such as being stranded with no vehicle until the issues are rectified.

This is due to the new “Dangerous Fault” category added to the MOT test. If a dangerous fault, such as “Tyre tread depth below legal requirement of 1.6mm” is detected on your vehicle then you are no longer legally allowed to drive it away to get it fixed.

You can receive 3 Penalty Points, a £2,500 Fine, and even be BANNED from driving if you are caught driving a vehicle that has been issued with a Dangerous Fault. This severely restricts the options available regarding where and when to get you vehicle repaired.

The solution? A Pre-MOT check. We can inspect, diagnose, and repair your vehicle prior to the the annual MOT test to remedy all potential problems that will cause your car to fail the inspection.

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